At eFrame we take pride in offering you one of the most comprehensive collections of custom frames, readymade frames, and mounts that available anywhere in the world. This is why you can approach us with confidence that your requirements for photo frames, picture frames, A4 picture frames, black picture frames, and different photo mount designs will be met. Have a look at picture framing for more info on this.

In making photo and picture frames we use materials like wood and metal and our team of professional framers ensures that each custom-sized or standard-sized frame is masterfully finished. In addition to delivering your requested frame within 2 working days, if you so desire, you can breathe easy with the knowledge that our prices are really affordable.

Do you need a photo mount? We have thousands of alternatives that you can choose from ? any size, any style, is the easiest way to describe what we can offer you in this regard. All our mounts are made using the best quality materials and unlike the mediocre products you can find elsewhere ours will retain that ?newly made look’ for a very long time. We have single opening and multi opening mounts which will help you display single and multiple photos of different sizes just the way you want to.

We stock multiple types of standard size A4 picture frames. Thanks to the numerous numbers of these that we are capable of making, 483 in total, we offer you the convenience of narrowing down your search in terms of the material i.e. wood or metal, the colour, the shape, and/or the width. All these different frames are denoted by unique code identities and you will just be required to specify this detail to us. For example, the MLDAA034 option is a silver coloured and polished frame that has been crafted from solid aluminum. This frame is 6mm wide and is cushion shaped.

The eFrame state of the art factory produces a wide range of picture frames and photo frames. All these frames are carefully designed and crafted to ensure that they complement the beautiful pictures and photos they will hold on your behalf. Our skilled professional craftsmen are always committed to creating museum-standard frames and they do this using the finest quality of materials. You can tell that any of our frames has been carefully and individually made just by appreciating the fineness of the mitred corners. We appreciate the fact that you need to add visual delight to a given room in your home or even in the office using these frames. This is why we offer to help with design inspirations and color-scheme matching to achieve that stunning final effect.